Sunday, August 23, 2009

Visiting the mother ship

Since we are attending classes at a satellite campus of the University of South Carolina, I felt it was necessary to visit the mother ship, the COLUMBIA CAMPUS!!!! (loud applause here). Seeing the main campus would not only connect us to the larger world of academia, it would also remind us of why we had chosen a smaller, satellite campus. Mingling with massive amounts of self-centered, ideological college kids in the midst of traffic and mayhem would be an education in itself. Also, as a native South Carolinian, it was a right of passage to take my daughter by the State Capital and to pay homage at the statue of Narcisco Gonzales, former editor and co-founder of the State newspaper, married to my cousin Lucy Barron, and killed in a shoot-out on the capital steps by Lt. Governor James Tillman. We drove through the sprawling urban campus, had a moment of silence at the statue, viewed the horseshoe, took a few requisite photos to post on facebook, and high-fived the good judgement we had made to attend the Lancaster campus ( 4 buildings, great handicapped parking, 0 traffic, and we like the people there!). We've seen enough, time to go home! Still loving college life.

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