Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday, Monday

It's the first full week of class. I kindof liked the schedule last week where we only had one day of class, then a three day weekend. A girl could get used to that. But today, it's full steam ahead, no looking back, now or never, do or die, yadda yadda yadda. Uneventful drive over this morning, except for one small almost-tragic incident. Mr. John Oblivious ( the names are changed to protect the innocent, plus if his children found out they would take his car keys away) was toodling along in his little pick up truck on the four lane Hwy. 9, oblivious to the fully loaded logging truck beside him and the Ford F150 lawn maintenance truck hauling a trailerful of small yard tractors behind him. He was intent on something, but it sure wasn't the traffic around him. I watched as he casually veered across two lanes of traffic, logging truck and Ford be damned- he was heading to the turning lane in front of John Sherer's house or else. Never even blinked as the two trucks swerved, honked, and roared on by, and he made that turn pretty as you please without breaking a sweat. He owned the road and didn't even know it. I can promise you to this day that he no more saw those trucks coming than he saw them going. Other than that, an uneventful, pleasant drive over. Schedule for the day: English 101, lunch with Jennifer, Psychology 101, then meet Aunt Ann, Gans, and Madison at Chick-fil-A for a quick snack before hitting WalMart. I have figured out that all the 101's after course descriptions stand for the number of pounds the average freshman gains, and at this rate, I'll be there by Christmas. We can't keep this up. Sissey and I have vowed to start an exercise routine tomorrow, or maybe the day after that, but probably after this weekend because Bonnie and Nancy are coming and we won't have time to exercise. I have also figured out that procrastination is par for the course in college. I will also have that mastered by Christmas. At least I have learned two new skills today, and I think that is enough. College life is still great, good night!

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