Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sundays in the South

This is what I love best about coming home..Sunday mornings in the South. There is nothing like them anywhere in the world. Quiet mornings with coffee and family, then off to church. I love my childhood church, with it's exquisite stained glass windows, 1929 Moeller tracker pipe organ, a body of people that capture the essence of Southern grace, and old polished pews overflowing with the scent of years of worshippers embedded in it's fibers, That smell, that old church smell, is a delicious , sweet, memory. We sing the psalms of my youth as we pray to the God of our past, present and future. Amen.


  1. I just found your blog. I love it! I want to know everything so keep writing about your great adventure. Janet

  2. thanks Gary!! i'm having fun with this....I think I have two people following it, so that makes a crowd, right?? I'll keep you all posted!!! Miss everyone in Richmond!