Thursday, July 28, 2011

The French Diaries

J'aime aller à Paris!
Au revoir, les États-Unis.
Paris, Paris nous sommes ici!!!!!!!!
Oh-la-la et oui, oui, OUI!!!!!!!

St. Chappelle et Notre Dame,
a little rain
along the Seine
Croissants and crepes, cafe au lait
a little shopping along the way;
all in all,it's been a very good day
as we enjoy la belle français!!!!!

Eiffel Tower to the top
Champs Elysee just to shop
Arc de Triomphe, Ferris wheel ride
stop at cafe  riverside
Tour the jardins de Tuilleries
...stroll the streets of old Parie
tomorrow we head for Normandie
and then it`s off to the Loire Valley
all in all it`s been another good day
as we still enjoy la belle français!!!!!!!!!

The hallowed beaches of Normandie;
The graves at American Cemetery,
For 9000 soldiers who shed their blood
Perfect white crosses solemnly stood
Row by row; side by side
...Each soldier's fate rests by the tide.
The price of freedom has been bought
By every bitter battle fought
and as those fallen warriors slept,
I stood beside their graves and wept.

I think that I was meant to be
A princess in the Loire Valley
Stroll the jardins of Chanonceaux
Waltz my way through each Chateau
Amboise and Blois both suit me fine
...Moats and towers, boats and wine
Yes, I could live the Chateau life
If I were born a monarch's wife...
but wait; I think some lost their head
and all the rest are now long dead
so perhaps it's best to be
simply little bourgeoise me!

Versailles! Il est un grand château!
Il est vieux et il et beau!
Fountains flowing
Gilt is glowing
Jardins growing
Louis lived large and he lived fine;
loved to dance and wine and dine;
Mirrored halls
And Painted walls
Courtly balls--
Life had no cares.....
But when the people had no bread
Marie said "Give them cake instead!"
"We have no cake!"
the people cried
as many of them
starved and died:
was in the air.
The opulence was overwhelming;
Revolution soon was swelling
"Off with their head!"
the people said
and soon the monarchy was dead;
It was only fair.
Versailles! The people rule once more
le grand chateau! Louis est mort;
Marie et les enfants aussi
Le monarchie; il est fini!
The fate of all is history
vanished in thin air.

So now our time in France is through
Au revoir cafes, the Seine, the Louvre,
the crusty breads, the cheese, the wine,
the chocolaterie so tres divine
the chateaux and boulangeries
the croissants and pasteseries
I'll miss the Paris air at night
the city all illlumined in light
The cafe cremes ,the cobbled streets
 the crepes-- so hot and light and sweet!
Au revoir, Paris! I'll come again
and stroll once more along the Seine
but until the day I do
I'll smile when I remember you......

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