Friday, October 16, 2009

A Mid-term night's dream : an ode for Sissey

Fall break has come and gone
We've made it through eight weeks.
We're halfway there
without despair
as wisdom Sissey seeks.

The knowledge men have known for years
professors do impart.
The scholar learns
as memory  burns
each lesson on her heart.

The choice is yours. The path you claim
must be the one YOU make.
Life won't be fair,
the world won't care,
but TRY for heaven's sake.

So carry on, keep up the race,
with effort you'll prevail
With your degree
you soon will see
the world can't make you fail.

The dream is real, the chance is yours-

it's right there in your hands.
Don't doubt, don't fear-
just perservere
and grab it while you can.

Don't be the one that bows to fear
Face it and go on.
Courageous smiles
will cross those miles
Now go! Be Swift! Dream On!

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