Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ode to October

Ode to October
Summer has withered and leaves turn to flame,
the air takes a bite from your lungs with each breath.
The sky hovers azure, the sun starts to wane,
as each day gently shortens in breadth.
The crunch of each step as you walk through the woods
leaves a pattern of footprints in acorns and oak
Painted umber and ochre and chocolate and gold-
nature dons such a colorful cloak!

 What artist could fathom such richness of hue?
What designer could sew such a dress?
What creation of man could earn the review
as the splendors of autumn possess?
Oh! give me a day in the fall in the woods
You can have all your treasures and fame-
I wouldn't trade money or riches or goods
for a walk when the leaves are in flame.

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