Saturday, November 6, 2010

Too dumb

     Apparently the current administration deeply believes that the American people are just too dumb and that only the politicians know what is best for us. We are too dumb to remember that politicians are elected public servants who are supposed to serve the will of the people.  We are too dumb to realize that those same elected officials should serve for a limited time and then return to the real world and get a real job. We are too dumb to catch on to the things that are happening in the world around us...just too dumb to get it, and therefore, we MUST submit to their omnipotent wisdom, their grab for total domination of our lives and our world. We are too dumb to realize that socialized medicine is in our best interests.....although it is NOT in the best interests of the politicians themselves, who maintain a seperate, tax-payer funded private insurance plan for themselves and their families. Too dumb to realize that increasing the federal deficit by trillions of dollars, while at the same time devaluing the hard-earned American dollar, is actually in our best interests. Too dumb to realize that while individual families must tighten their belts and live within their means, the federal government  can wildly and irresponsibly spend money that was earned on the backs of their constituents. Too dumb to realize that  spending $200 million dollars a day on a ten-day trip to Asia is actually in our best interests. Too dumb to realize that while we must monitor our green-house emmissions, they can jet all over the world, at the tax-payer's expense, because it is all in our best interests. Too dumb to realize that our elected officials have the right to maintain a seperate retirement plan for themselves, even though Social Security--which is mandated for the rest of America-- is rapidly going broke. Too dumb to realize that printing more money will not solve the current economic problems.  Too dumb to realize that cutting taxes for all Americans is actually fair, because we are too dumb to actually realize who the job-creators in this country are.  Too dumb to realize that AARP- the group that stubbornly supported Obamacare even though it's members loudly shouted "NO"" --we are just too dumb to realize that they initiated a 13% premium rate increase  three days after the mid-term elections AND we are all just too dumb to see the political ploy behind that timely move. In fact, in general, in making decisions for our country and our lives,  we are all just too dumb.
      Oh, poor, poor America. The land of the free and the brave. The home of democracy and freedom for all. The strongest military nation in the world. The leader in technology and innovation. The home to the most philanthropic and generous citizens in the world.  The nation of refuge for the oppressed and assistance for the suffering. The land of equal opportuity, religious freedom, civil rights, and freedom of speech. The country built on the ingenuity and hard-work of it's people....
         I never knew we were all just too dumb to get it.

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