Friday, March 19, 2010

Atta Girl!

     Yesterday, while sitting in sociology class, Mary Lapsley heard her name being called in the hall. She looked up to see the secretary of the academic dean standing at the door waving an envelope.
     "I have a letter for Mary Lapsley Daly," she announced as she handed Sissey the envelope.
      With a puzzled look, Sissey started to open the letter.  She had registered on Monday for the Fall 2010 term, and I held my breath, expecting it to contain a schedule of the anticipated tuition increase.
      A smile started to creep across her face as she read the following:

              "Dear Ms. Daly:
                    In recognition of your excellent academic performance and achievement at the University of South Carolina-Lancaster, I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected to participate as a marshal at our 2010 commencement exercises. This is the highest academic honor that can be awarded to a freshman at USCL....I offer my warmest congratulations upon receiving this honor, as well as my appreciation for your commitment, hard work, and achievements......"

I think the scared little girl from Virginia who arrived on campus last August has been replaced by a confident young woman who's going after her dreams with great gusto! I gave her a huge "Atta girl" hug, a high-five slap, and walked around campus for the rest of the day with a Cheshire cat grin plastered across my face.

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