Monday, November 16, 2009

Water on the Moon

     Fox News just reported that water has been found on the moon....twenty four gallons, to be exact. It took $84,000,000 to discover it. That's EIGHTY FOUR MILLION DOLLARS for TWENTY FOUR GALLONS OF WATER!  Comes to about $3,500,000 per gallon.  A little pricey for my taste. I think I'll stick to the bottled water I can get at Costco for $6.99 a case and pocket the change. On top of that, the water is billions of years old. I hope it ages like a fine wine, otherwise that is going to be some nasty old moonshine and you couldn't pay me to drink it.
      Michio Kaku, Theoretical Physicist, Professor at City College of New York,  Summa Cum Laude Harvard graduate,  radio host and author of Physics of the Impossible,  stated in an interview this was a "significant" discovery. OK, so this guy is highly qualified to make that kind of  statement. He then went on to say that water on the moon is five times more valuable than gold. Again, he certainly has the credentials that qualify him to an opinion.  My only question is this: Exactly who on the moon is going to buy it? Or even better, Who in the World is going to buy it? How can you attribute value to something when there is no one there that wants it? See anything significant about that?
     I looked at the desolate moon shots scrolling across the screen....vast wastelands of gray that were pockmarked with craters and drifts. I didn't see a single tree or green blade of grass, a bird or any other creature. There wasn't sign of life, a blue sky, a brightly shining sun, or anything else that made me want to invest $84,000,000 to get there.  It would be like ditching color TV and going back to black and white sets with rabbit ears and fuzzy reception.  Why would anyone chose to live in a black and white world when the plasma version with high digital reception is already available? Who are these people that scientists think are chomping at the bit to live on the moon? Will they have cellular reception when they get there? How about an email address, because I can guarantee you that the US Postal System will have trouble delivering to that zip code.
     I admit that it is exciting to see man reach the outer limits of space and pioneer new discoveries, but while we are living in the midst of the worst recession in years, with wars being ravaged all over the world and terrorists infiltrating our nation, with children dying each day from hunger and disease, I'm just not overly concerned with twenty-four gallons of water at the price tag of $84,000,000.  I can think of eighty-four million other things I'd rather spend that money on....a cure for cancer, world peace, an end to poverty, eradication of hunger, elimination of disease, and on and on and on. We can't even provide palatable drinking water for everyone on earth, yet we're off to the moon to find water there, at a very hefty expense. Seems like there might be a little problem with common sense and priorities, and when scientists can figure that  out, that will be a significant discovery.   

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