Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day

You gotta love college. We started classes two weeks ago, and we get a holiday this week!! Labor Day. We are getting a break from our labors. After 2 weeks. Love it, love it, love it. Can I get a job in the real world where I get a vacation after two weeks and every Friday off? I think not, so I am taking advantage of the holiday while I can get it. No blog on Labor day. I will leave you with a poem instead.

Labor Day

I will not blog on labor day,

no mail,

no text,

no tweet.

I'm going to use my holiday

to rest,

to shop,

to sleep.

I've headed to the mountains

the hills,

the sky,

the breeze

My cell phone's off

I'm on the deck

doing as I please.

No labor on this Labor Day

I think that is the rule-

So I'll obey

No work,

just play

Til I return to school.

Happy Labor Day...I'm heading to the hills........see you next week!

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